ST-JW65MM - Bread Board 65 Pack Jumper Cables

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Bread Board 65 Pack Jumper Cables - 140 Pcs 22AWG Solid Wires 

The male to male flexible breadboard jumper wire provides an easy way for you to build your own circuitry on a breadboard, ideal for creating circuits between your microcontroller and the breadboard on the bots with both ends of a prototyping board connector.

• Pre-cut, Pre-stripped and Pre-formed on each end

• Various colors

• Completely Reusable

• 14 length / 10pcs each (2.5/5.1/7.7/10.3/12.7/15.3/17.8/20.1/22.8/25.4/51.3/76.3/101.3/126.3mm)