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SB-8101 - Spray On Sound Deadener

SB-8101 - Spray On Sound Deadener

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Spray On Sound Deadener

  • Flexible coating for sound deadening and protection
  • Industrial grade professional quality
  • High density, low weight compounds
  • Greatly reduces road noise & panel vibrations
  • Clings to wood, plastic, metal & fiberglass
  • Weatherproof, can be used inside or outside of vehicle

Warning: this product can expose you to chemical which are known to the state of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Contains: (CAS#) Hydrocarbon propellant (68476-86-8), Xylene (1330-20-7), Rosin Ester (PROPRIETARY), Styrene-Isoprene Block (025038-32-8), Aromatic Hydrocarbon (108-88-3), Silicon Dioxide (112926-00-8), Inorganic Metal Oxide (7631-86-9), Methyl Acetate (79-20-9), Poly (Buatdiene-Co-Styrene) (9003-55-8).

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