PRO-1205-CER - Ceramic Relay Sockets

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Ceramic Relay Sockets

Ceramic material socket with extremely high heat resistant. Plug and work directly, no need to cut anything. Great for adding car stereo, alarm system, remote start, fog lights, undercar lighting, turn on dome light, shared door handle, truck release, reverse polarity, door locks and more.

• 16AWG wire suit for 4 pins relay ceramic relay socket,5 pins auto relay holder

• Excellent heat corrosion resistance tin copper wires

• Easy DIY installation, no need tools

• Can be used to create extra light outlet

• Fit for Relay: 40A,30ARF, 40AMP, 40ISR, and 40ISR-24V. 4 Pins/5 pins

• Length of cable: 14.5 cm / 5.7 inch

• Application temperature : 105° C / 221° F

• Voltage rated: 12-32V