IS-EC-W1215DC - SPDT Waterproof Dual Purpose (On-Off-On) Toggle Switch

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SPDT Waterproof Dual Purpose (On-Off-On) Toggle Switch

Ideal for industrial equipment, automotive or emergency lighting. 1/2" mounting hole required.

• Material: plastic and metal. Solid connection switch with waterproof rubber cap, more convenient to operate

• Connector type: SPST, 3 terminal pin on/off

• Power: 15A 250VAC/20A 125VAC, 2 pole (2 wire contacts to hook to) switch, red positive, the standard "hot" wire, black is negative

• Mechanical life: more than 50,000 cycles

• Electrical life: more than 10,000 cycles Each of the terminals has a machine screw for quick connections, but also easy to be soldered

• Dimensions: 1.12” x 0.63” x 2.21”

• Mount Hole Size: 1/2 Inch