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IS-ATO - Blade Type Terminal Car Fuse

IS-ATO - Blade Type Terminal Car Fuse

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Blade Type Terminal Car Fuse

These terminal car fuses are specifically designed for Cars, Trucks, SUVs, ATVs, UTVs, Camper RV, Motorcycles, Fleet, Golf Car, Boat, snowmobiles, and most general DC applications etc., covering such components as radio, light, turn signals, etc.

• Designed to fit regular AMP APM/ATM fuse holders

• High-temperature, impact-resistant plastic casings

• See-through windows allow for easy inspection

• Ultimate circuit protection and high conductivity plating

• Voltage Rating: 10 Volt - 32 Volt

• Fuse Dimension: 19.1 × 5.1 × 18.5 mm

• Pack of 25

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