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6"x 9" Speaker Baffle (IS-ACBAF-69)

6"x 9" Speaker Baffle (IS-ACBAF-69)

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The 6 x 9" Speaker Baffle (IS-ACBAF-69) enhances sound quality by creating a tight acoustic seal behind the speaker. Made of durable silicone, its foldable front ring guides sound waves into the vehicle, while the rear ring adapts to different door depths and speaker heights without trimming. Soft silicone ensures a perfect seal between the speaker and door panel, and sound wave foam boosts overall performance. Weighs 205g each.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Front ring is foldable to guide the sound wave into vehicle
  • Rear foldable ring fits different door depth and speaker heights. No need to trim.
  • Rear foldable ring protects speaker and improves sound
  • Silicone material is soft, allowing for best seal between speaker and door panel
  • Silicone material is durable for harsh environment
  • The sound wave foam installs behind the speaker to improve overall sound performance
  • Weight: 205g each
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