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Base Level Controller with Digital Voltmeter (IS-AKNVD-5)

Base Level Controller with Digital Voltmeter (IS-AKNVD-5)

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Effortlessly control your amplifier's gain with our base level controller with digital voltmeter. The built-in voltmeter ensures your car audio equipment stays protected by constantly monitoring the amplifier voltage. With simple installation options, this knob can be placed in-dash or under-dash for your convenience.

Product Specifications

    • BASS LEVEL CONTROLLER: Adjust the amplifier gain with a convenient rotary push turn On/Off knob.
    • BUILT-IN VOLTMETER: Prevents damage to your car audio equipment by monitoring your car's amplifier voltage at all times.
    • SIMPLE INSTALLATION OPTIONS: Easily install this bass control knob in-dash or under-dash.
    • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST SYSTEMS: Whatever your system build looks like, this IS-AKNVD-5 Bass Knob is compatible with most head units and amplifier combinations.
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