PI-75U - 75 Watts - 12V DC to 120V AC Mobile Power Inverter

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12V DC to 120V AC Mobile Power Inverter

Converts 12V DC battery power to 120V AC household electrical power. For use in cars, trucks, boats, and RVs.

• Provides a maximum 75W of power, 140W of peak power, and 60W of continuous power

• Maximum power: The first 5 minutes of power. After 5 minutes, the inverter can only supply continuous power

• Peak power: For electronic appliances that have a motor, a quick surge of power is required to start it

• Continuous power: The power that the inverter can support for as long as the battery has capacity

• Audible alarm warns of low battery voltage

• Auto shutdown protects against overload, short-circuit, over temperature and low and high battery condition.